Sunday, August 2, 2009

CHA Summer 2009

Wow! What fun we had at the CHA Convention and Trade Show in Orlando. It was GRRRREAT!
Lookit who I met??? I was just like one of those teenagers at a concert when I saw Nichole Heady and Taylor Vanbruggen. I couldn't get to my camera fast enough. They are SO SWEET! I was thrilled to meet them both and they were so nice about letting me take their photos.

This is my friend JoAnn and I with Nichole. See that BIG 'ol grin on my face??? I was on Cloud 9. Nichole was such a doll!

We must have walked that show floor a dozen times or more. It seemed like everytime we went back through, we'd see something we missed. Whew! I was BEAT when we finally got home. But WOW, was it worth it!!! Look at my LOOT!!! I think I can proudly say I helped fund Nichole's trip back home. {he-he} I bought lots of PaperTrey Ink cardstock, one of which was the new Pure Poppy red. I thought it was the perfect Christmas red. Of course I couldn't pass up the buttons and ribbon to match! Now what sense would that make? Helloooo!! And you know me, can't pass up an Art Impressions stamp. Yay!! I LOVE Evelyn! And check out the old couple with the HAIR. Oh my gosh, can't wait to use that one! Ok, have a great Sunday!


  1. Yes, we did have a greaaat time, and Nichole was very nice and friendly, as were all the ladies at PTI. We saw Dawn McVey and several others also. Lots of goodies to buy.

  2. You got a lot of cute stuff! Jessica

  3. I wish I could of went. Next time I will. Looks like you guys had a blast.


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