Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Bridal Shower

Hi there!  Sorry for the delay in my posting but I came down with pneumonia just before Christmas!  OMG, I was SO SICK!  The doctor put me on some antibiotics and I'm doing better each day.  Whew!

So, back to my story....  Well, Lil' Chick's bridal shower was absolutely the PRETTIEST thing ever.  Her two maid of honors did an AMAZING job too! They planned a surprise English Tea Party to be held at a quaint Bed & Breakfast inn.  The Bed & Breakfast Inn was an old 3 story home that was just gorgeous.   Lil' Chick had no idea where or what the theme of the shower was.  All she knew was she had to wear a dress.  LOL!  I picked her up at her apartment and of course she kept asking where are we going, where are we going!  I wouldn't tell her!  Tee-hee!  Once I turned down the street of the Inn, she knew the location was the Bed & Breakfast Inn as she and one of her Maid of Honors had eaten lunch there before.  She started squealing she was so THRILLED!!!!  Everyone had a great time and Lil' Chick was so happy.  Here are some of the photos from that day....

This is as we were walking in. (Shhhh!  Everyone is waiting inside for her.)
This is the little sign that was in the garden outside.
Everyone yelled SURPRISE as she walked in.  She was SO EXCITED to see everyone in hats!! 

This is Alicia, Cheryl and Lil' Chick!  Alicia & Cheryl are her two Maid of Honors. 
This is how the room was decorated for the Tea Party.  So cute!!

The cupcake and hors d'oeuvre table.  I made the Bride to Be sign out of chipboard and stained doilies.

The cupcakes were decorated with teacups and Vera Bradley purses. LOL!

These are little "ham roll ups".  Lil' Chick's FAV!!
Jessica and her little cousin Madilyn.

Gotta get the pinky right!! {{snort!}}

By george, I think she's got it!!

I LOVE black & white photos!!  

Love that smile!

Time for presents!!  I asked that they save my presents for last.  I wrapped each box bottom and top individually so she could just lift off the box top and leave the bow in tact.  Everyone moaned, "Good grief!  That's Jeanie for ya!"

The first gift was a box of Thank You notes, envelopes, and stamps.  I also included a shower invitation
(yep, I made those too!) for her to keep. She's holding up the shower invitation. 
The Thank You notes coordinated with the invitation with little tea pots and a doily.
Now for the last gift.  Here's a close up of my wrapping.... :)
This is the poem I laid inside...

This is a piece of my wedding gown and the lace is from my train.  I had her NEW initials embroidered on the piece and then I made the hanky for her.  I was quite proud of myself for how well I mitered those corners too!
It turned out beautiful. She carried it on her wedding day!

I think she LOVED it!  What do you think?
Actually, she came right over to me and gave me the biggest hug.  We were both crying then.

One thing I can say about my little girl, she has a deep sense of appreciation, which I love.
She was SO TOUCHED by my gift.  That meant the world to me.  I LOVE my Lil' Chick SO MUCH!
Such pretty ladies!

My sister, my mother and me in our hats!  Woot-woot!  What fun we had!

We all LOVED the location and theme and had such fun getting all dressed up in our dresses and hats! I found that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cream in my tea!  Who'd have thunk? And lemon curd is AWESOME!  You think there's a job as a taste tester in Buckingham Palace in my future??? Hmmmm???


  1. OMG, now you have my crying, too. I LOVE the hanky. A PERFECT gift. And look at you all dolled up. :) (You are as beautiful as the bride-to-be!) That sure looked like the perfect bridal shower. And with all your special touches added. PERFECTION.
    I missed you this month... so glad you are feeling better. Hugs....

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh lalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Even across the Ocean somebody is crying right now!!!! You all look so chic and classy!!! LoveLoveLove the photo of the biggest hug! And how precious is the last gift?????? WOW WOW WOW!!! The wrapping is gorgeous with that big bow! And the poem ... and the hanky!!!! LOVELOVELOVE!!!! Congrats' Jeanie! All is so beautiful and full of LOVE! Littl'Chicken looks like a move star. A French movie star! Oh lalala!!!♥♥♥
    So happy that you feel better! Take care!

  3. Totally awesome and what a wonderful story and how you told us each step. It got my eyes are watery. I just have boys but the feeling is same and true. I just came from Spyder's Corner's blog and saw a new a new bride. I'm now a wreck with Again, wonderful!

  4. What a truly special memory that none of you will ever forget. Your gift to her was simply awesome...the last one was enough that I needed a hankie!! sorry to hear that you've been so ill, but happy that you're doing so well. Thanks for sharing all the pictures...what a good looking bunch ya'll are!

  5. What a sweet memory you can cherish forever! Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you are feeling better. Happy New Year!

  6. Gorgeous photos. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Love the hanky. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. It was a perfect day! I love all the details and hard work that went into this day. I love my hanky!!! It was such a surprise.


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