Monday, October 20, 2014


Mornin' hens!  Have I inspired you to create some GHOSTLY GREETINGS yet?  I sure hope so, but if not, I still have more to come!  This is one of my favorite holidays.  Yup, it's a BIG DEAL at my house.  We get over 150 trick or treaters.  The street gets backed up bumper to bumper!  Seriously, I think the whole town comes to our house.  LOL!  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love handing out candy to the kiddos and seeing them all dressed up.  They are SO STINKIN CUTE!  Can't wait to see my grandbaby Jaxon all dressed up too.  Tee-hee! 



  1. Well, it's a darling card and I have enjoyed tremendously using my Lawn Fawn stamps and dies. Your inspiration has no double help me spend more money there....haha We love fixing up our house but it does scare some of the little ones. When we know they are coming, we "tone" it down. The kids always say thank you for fixing up the house so cool! Yup, we enjoy Halloween too!

  2. Another ADORABLE Halloween card. I just bought some of the same twine.... great minds, right? LOL Are those the perler beads melted for dots? I see mini Pony Beads in your supply list!
    Halloween is pretty low key here. I do put out some decorations, have the candy and porch light on. When we moved here we would get over 100 kids. Now it is a big night if 30 or 40 come!


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