Thursday, May 28, 2015


Mornin' hens!
And yet ANOTHER baby card!  See I told you there were a bunch of them!  You thought I was kidding didn't you?  LOL!  And I still have one more to make!  Yikes!  

Oh well, I have to admit, I do like making cards, so I'm happy for any reason to make one.  Not to mention, I've been wanting to ink up this little guy for the longest time!  And don't you just love those stitched clouds?  Love, love, love stitched dies!  Okee dokee, that's it for me today.  I hope you hens have a GREAT day and WONDERFUL weekend ahead!  {{{hen hugs}}}

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  1. OMG that is too stinking CUTE!

  2. Such a Cute Card... Love how you used the patern paper as the background here.... So So cute!!!

  3. This is so adorable. Love that sweet bunny & balloons. Yes, I love the stitched clouds too. :)


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