Thursday, February 24, 2011

TKT47 Winners!

Woo-hoo!! YOU HENS DID IT!! I can't hardly believe it, 41 ENTRIES!! WOWZERS!! Needless to say, I've been sitting here mulling over these cards for WAY TOO LONG! They are ALL SO AMAZING! So I've been thinking, since SO MANY hens are playing in my little challenge (*grin*), I've decided the number of winners needs to be increased as well. Sooooo, the number of winners will now be 10 percent of the total entries. That seemed like an easy way for me to increase my winners as more hens come play in the hen house. Ok enough of the housekeeping blah - blah - blah..... here are my TOP FOUR KRAFTY CHICKS!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Jodi, Tricia, Corinna, and LouLou!!

TOO STINKIN CUTE RIGHT??? OMG!! I'm in LUUUUURVE!! These entries just stole my heart!! *sigh* LOVE 'em!! As always, you can click on each of the above thumbnails and go right to the winner's blog to see the card in full view and get all the details! Be sure to leave a {{{hen hug}}} while you're there, k? Thank you all so much for playing along in my little challenge! You hens are da BESTEST!! {{{hen hugs}}}


  1. Wowee fabulous-o!
    Gorgeous cards from everyone xxx

  2. Congrat's Jodi, Tricia and Corinna!!! Great cards!!!
    And do I read "LouLou", right??? LouLou??? OMG, that's MEEEEEE!!! OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG!!! I'm a Krafty Chick!!! Wow Jeanie, YOU made my day!!! No, YOU made my whole week-end!!! I feel sooo honored!! Thank you so much for falling in love with my card!!!

  3. You're right, those cards are super cute!!! Congrats to the winners!!!

  4. Great cards, how do you only choose 4???


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