Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lil' Chick's Wedding Pics

OMG!!  I'm SO STINKIN excited about these photos.  Seriously, I couldn't wait for you hens to see them.  I know I told you a little bit about the BIG day but the proof is in the pudding as they say.   These photos are the work of the ever so talented Julie Brewer, of Brewer Photography and Videography.  Here are my favorites.....  

I just loved how the photographer thought of hanging the dress.  Jessica ordered this cute hanger off of Etsy and she wore these adorable ballet flats with her dress since we didn't want to worry about heels sinking in the grass.

Of course you hens remember this hanky from the bridal shower right? She carried it in the pocket of her wedding dress.  Uh-huh, her dress had pockets!  How cool is that?  The next photo is the six pence I gave her to place in her left shoe.  "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a six pence in her shoe!" I didn't realize there was a fifth verse to this old poem.  As I was Googling the poem, I found it, so then I had to find out what a six pence was! It's a British coin and was last produced in 1967.  I found a company that sold them and ordered one for her.  It came on the little gift card you see here and the next photo is of it placed in her left shoe.  The last photo is of me placing her veil in her hair.

These were taken just before the ceremony.  The photographer told Jessica that she was GLOWING through the viewfinder in her camera.  I totally agree!

Here are a few of my craft projects and the beginning of the ceremony.  The first photo is a sign the DH and I made together.  Jessica bought this tall black photo frame and the DH painted it with cream crackle paint.  Then he took the glass out and replaced it with a piece of backer board painted with flat black paint. He actually built this stand by cutting and re-welding an old realtor For Sale sign. I cut the vinyl lettering using my Silhouette Cameo. Oh, and I made the chair signs too!  The junior usher and flower girl are my brother's children.  SO CUTE!  Love the rose petals lining the aisle don't you?

These were taken during the ceremony.  It was such a gorgeous day and the ceremony was beautiful.  Not a dry eye in the place, not even Doug's.  (Did I mention I LOVE my new son in law?)

These were taken after the ceremony on the grounds of the gardens.  This was the most gorgeous venue ever!  The Mr & Mrs signs were made using paint stirring sticks from Home Depot and the DH painted them black for me.  I then printed the signs on card stock and glued chipboard to the backs to make them sturdy.  Then I cut the shape and attached them to the sticks.  Aren't they a lovely couple?

Jessica bought these little signs at Michaels and I sponged some distress ink around the edges and removed the boring white ribbon and used some peach ribbon instead, tying a few bows on each end.
The last photo was taken at the base of Bok Tower.  I LOVE that golden door. They play carillon bells every hour and after the wedding the bells rang from the top of the bell tower.  

Here we are, the DH and I with Doug and Jessica.  Jessica told me she didn't want me to be like every other MOB, so she had a nosegay made for me instead of a corsage.  I LOVED that!  I don't know how she did it, but for my pre-ceremony gift she gave me a small clutch to carry that matched my dress exactly! She's so thoughtful. The two MOH's are Jessica's best friends, Cheryl and Alicia and the BM is Matt, Doug's best friend. The last two photos are of my mother and father, and DH's mom (i.e. my favorite mother in law).

Now comes the reception.  The little chalkboards came from Oriental Trading and I added vinyl lettering using my Silhouette Cameo.  There were nine different cupcake flavors and they were oh so yummy. The DH angled the bottom of each sign so they would tilt back and then added little stands on the back of each one so they wouldn't fall over.  The favors were made using printed transparencies and attaching them to a 3x3 box lid made from SU Very Vanilla CS using 3 brads on each side. We filled them with cream shredded paper and Hershey's Hugs and Kisses.  Then punching two holes at the top of the transparencies, we attached the little tag with some thread and tied the peach ribbon in a bow.  The next photos are of the cake topper, the cupcake table and then the menus we made which doubled as wraps for the silverware and linen napkins.  Cute idea huh?

This is the mailbox the DH and I made together.  This was sitting on the gift table for the guests to place their cards in.  The DH painted it cream with a brown flag (it was black with a red flag) and I cut the vinyl flowers and letters using my Silhouette Cameo.  The table numbers were made by the DH too!  Like the cupcake signs, he cut the base of each on an angle and made little stands on the back of each one too.  Then he sanded and stained them all before attaching the numbers.  The centerpieces were made using all different sizes of mason jars (Uh-huh, 175 of them!).  We covered them with different styles of lace and burlap, and added twine and ribbon as well.  Then we hot glued long burning tealight candles inside the bottom of each one (so they would stay in the center of each jar).  The Mr & Mrs. sign on the sweetheart table was made by my good friend Jen, from The Olde Willow. She used the same DP we used for the invitations and Mod Podged it to the wood blocks! Adorable!

Another sign I made using my Silhouette Cameo.  Jessica's bouquet was used as the centerpiece on the sweetheart table. Talk about thinking of everything, we did! LOL!  The guestbook was made by Jessica and I at the LAST MINUTE (and I mean last minute!) as Hurricane Sandy prevented us from receiving the photo book that was to be used as the guestbook.  We bought this SMASH book from Michaels and we decorated the outside with lace, ribbon and a fabric rose and even added their names to the front to cover the SMASH label.  We printed her engagement photos and made a quick scrapbook for the guest to leave their warm wishes to the happy couple in.  Actually, it turned out super cute and Jessica loved it even more because we made it together!

The happy couple's first dance, and the DH and Jessica rocked the house with their SURPRISE father-daughter dance!  LOL!  It was a hoot!

More photos of their dance and a special HUG for daddy's little girl.  Yup, she has him wrapped around her little finger.  Tee-hee!

Here are a few of the DH and I dancing, Doug leading the crowd with "the Dougie" (OMG! That was SO FUNNY!) and Jessica and Doug playing the shoe game.  I had never seen this before but it was hilarious!  As you can see, they DISAGREE.  {{{snort!}}} And the last is of the two of them eating cake.  Aren't they cute?

My nephew and niece showing off their dancing skills. LOL! And finally the send off!  Everyone lit their sparklers and held them high as the happy couple ran between them to their awaiting limo.  They left for Napa Valley, California where they spent their honeymoon.  Ok that's it!  I hope you enjoyed re-living Lil' Chick's special day with me.  It was such a beautiful wedding and it warms my heart seeing the two of them so happy together. Ahhhh love, ain't it wonderful...


  1. First of all your daughter is gorgeous and you looked very beautiful that day as well! Second, these are the most gorgeous wedding pictures I have ever seen! So creative! Love the wedding dress, the signs held by the bride and groom, as well as, the beautiful way she captured the details!

  2. Oh Jeanie, What a beautiful, beautiful day made extra special by all your handmade touches.

  3. Such a beautiful wedding, straight out of a fairy tale! Loved seeing all the pictures and everything crafty that helped make the day special. I must say too, your dress was absolutely lovely. Congrats to your Lil Chick and her new hubby.

  4. wow everyone looks absolutely radient and gorgeous .. it looks like a fabulous day full of many happy Memories
    Lisa x

  5. Good Heavens Jeanne you have me dropping tears on my keyboard (Again.) What a lovely wedding. I would dare to say it was PERFECT. All the special touches made it a dream come true for 'lil chick. She is a beautiful bride. And the pic of Doug wiping his tear... well... I fell in love with him, too. ;) Her flowers where stunning, the guest book fabulous, Bells and sparklers and NINE flavors of cupcake. YUMMY. Your DH sure looks like he could *cut0a0rug* and had a great time, too! Love the photo of you and hubby, you look so in love ;)
    May you all live happily ever after. And thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us. hugs...

  6. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ OH LALALALALAAAAAAAAAAA!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  7. Everything was stunning!
    And you could have a serious career designing details for weddings - gorgeous work!

  8. Sweet, mom and father, daughter and son-in-law, mom-in-law, cousin and neice, relative and friends . . . beautiful and happy ever after.

  9. Yes, it was a gorgeous wedding and beautiful couple. Loved all the photos and all your creative genius at work with all the details. Love the guestbook you made. I bet it was better than the one you originally ordered. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

  10. Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing such a special day! What fabulous photos.

  11. Gorgeous wedding! Wonderful ideas too!

  12. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Everyone looks so happy, it is so nice to see. PS: you looked fabulous!

  13. My mom is so pretty and my dad is so cute!


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