Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bon Voyage!

Mornin' hens! I don't think I mentioned to you what happened to the DH and I on the night of the wedding.  Well, if you'll stick with me, I promise, this is a GREAT story!  Ok, so as Jessica and Doug were leaving the reception, she stops and whispers in my ear, "make sure to get the envelope on Lilly's gate".  (Huh???  Whatever that meant?)  So after the guests left the reception, the DH and I were all that was left besides the wedding planner and the caterers.  We had rented an Enterprise Rent a Van for the week (total lifesaver!) to haul all the stuff to the wedding from our home and then to Jessica and Doug's new home after the wedding.  So the DH and I change clothes and for the next hour loaded all those jars, gifts, signs, cake, wedding dress, luggage from the night before, etc, etc, etc. into the van.  It took about an hour to get it loaded and then we left for their home to drop it all off. I drove Doug's car and the DH drove the van.  When we got to their home, we let Lilly out to go potty and then we started unloading everything.  We had to wrap her cake and the cupcakes up and place then in her freezer.  Then I hung her wedding dress in her closet, so it wouldn't get all wrinkled, and as we were getting Lilly's things ready (she was coming home with us while they were gone) I remembered what Jessica said about the envelope.  Sure enough, there was an envelope on Lilly's gate.  The outside was addressed to "Mommy & Daddy".  So I told the DH it must be a card for us so let's read it together.  It was a Thank You card to the parent's of the bride, and it was so beautiful! 
At the bottom she signed it, "Thank you both for making my dream come true, now it's our turn to make your dream come true.  Call me now!"  
(Say what??  Helloooo?  It's 1:30 in the morning and she's on her honeymoon!!)
But we did as directed, and the DH pulls out his cell phone and calls her.  
She and Doug answer right away and we both put our phones on speakerphone.  
She tells us to go upstairs.  So we do...
She says, "See the little table in the hall?" 
I said, "Uh-huh, the one with the Minnie and Mickey Mouse dolls on top?" 
She said, "Yes, there is an envelope under them.  Open it!" 
So we do and we pulled out this paperwork.
 She says, "Read it out loud." 
As I started reading, I finally said, "I don't understand - what is this?"
They both said, "It's a Disney cruise to Alaska! We're sending you both on your dream vacation!"  
Well, needless to say we both started crying.  
We couldn't talk for awhile and then the DH said, "You didn't need to do this!"
 They said, "You both did so much making this day special for us, we wanted to give you this!" 
I had goosebumps I was so excited, and still am!  The DH and I have wanted to take this cruise for as long as I can remember, but we figured we'd have to wait until we retire and had some extra money.  But here we are, going this year!  I can hardly believe it.  Woo-hoo! 
Ok, so this is where the card comes in. I made this Thank You card for the two of them.

This is the outside pocket which I made to look like a port hole. I cut the pocket, port hole, waves and ship with my Silhouette Cameo and stitched the edges closed. I added a piece
of transparency on the inside to resemble a window.  OMG, their faces look like ours must have when they told us! LOL!

This is the card itself.  The stamps I used are from two Stampin' Up sets that I have.  I think they work perfectly together.  I cut the sentiment with the Silhouette Cameo and stitched around the edges as well.  I added a half circle of CS at the top and attached a bow to make it easier to pull out of the pocket.  I LOVE how this turned out!  They did too!  
Now wasn't that a GREAT story?  I have the BEST Lil' Chick and new Son in Law ever!  I love 'em  both more than you know.  Have a great day!

Supplies: Stamps - Wilson's Words of Wisdom and Not So Seriously by Stampin Up; Copics; Transparency; DP - Echo Park; CS - SU Very Vanilla, Grey, Turquoise, various shades of Blue, Ribbon - Stampin Up, Silhouette Cameo; Glossy Accents; Nestabilities


  1. That is such a great story. I've seen all of your preparations for her wedding in your blog and I cannot imagine how much time it took you to have them ready. I love that your family is full of love and surprises and how your daughter found a very thoughtful man to add to your already loving family. Great sharing. Thanks!

  2. Did I ever mention that you are one crafty chick????
    This card is absolutely perfect and gorgeous and funny and I LOVE LOVE LOEVE how you layered the sentiment inside!!!
    Beautiful story! ♥♥♥Sweet Lil'Chick and SIL♥♥♥

  3. You raised a wonderful thoughtful daughter and apparently she found a man to match. How special that they did this for you. I have never heard such a sweet story. Heck I cried when I read it! Your card is just adorable. Love the waves and ship! The couple is adorable! All of your hard work paid off - big time! You will love Alaska. We cruised there a few years back.

  4. Oh that made me tear up!!!

    What a wonderful daughter and son-in-law you have!

    Love the card you made them too!

  5. How sweet that your daughter and son in law surprised you with a cruise. The love in your family goes full circle!!!
    Sue Kennedy

  6. Yes, you do have a wonderful, loving and thoughtful daughter and new son-in-law. That is a fabulous gift and your so is your card. Love all the details.

  7. OMG I am crying in my coffee (Again!) You do have the best lil' chick and SIL EVER. :) Love how they announced the gift and your Thank You note. Have a MARVOLOUS time. (Color me green with envy.) hugs....

  8. I read every one of your blog posts without fail, but I don't comment often (sorry); however, this time I had to write. I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed hearing all about lil' chick and her lovely wedding; all of the things you made for each event; and the wedding photos and the lovely stories that go along with them.

    I have a daughter, too, and your relationship remind me so much of my daughter and I--it all brings tears to my eyes. What would be do without our daughters??

    What a lovely gesture for your daughter and son-in-law to surprise you! I hope you and your husband have a wonderful trip! Enjoy it to the fullest!


  9. This has been the best wedding ever but this post tops the cake! What a thoughtful couple after celebrating their special day! You and dh have been blessed! Love the card! You will love, love, love Alaska!

  10. Wow - great story and great card to go with it! Have a fabulous cruise!

  11. I got tears in my eyes Jeanie, what a lovely surprise, you must feel so blessed!! Of course the card is stunning! I love it.

  12. How SUPER sweet of them! I want to see pics :) Have fun!

  13. I'm so excited for you!! I can't wait for you guys to go!


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