Thursday, September 18, 2014


Mornin' hens!  Ready for another gift bag idea?  Isn't this the cutest??  OMG, I saw this idea on Pinterest and HAD to make one.  I had just bought Jaxon a Halloween outfit and wanted to wrap it up, so I thought this would be PERFECT!!  And SO SIMPLE TOO!!  

Ok, so I just started with a brown medium gift bag and drew the face using a pencil.  Then I went back over it with a black Sharpie.  The white areas were done using a Faber Castell artist pen, the cheeks were colored with chalk pencils and then I used colored pencils for the nose.  To finish, I took some raffia and tied it in the middle and hot glued it to the top of the bag.  That's it!  Cute huh?  I do LOVE to wrap gifts.  It's a paper addiction, what can I say....  Tee-hee!



  1. OMG this is CUTE. Jaxon is one lucky boy. Such a crafty Grandma to spoil him. ;)

  2. ADORABLE!! You are definitely one crafty Grandma! (btw....has Jaxon been born yet or is this a gift for the future?)

  3. Hehe.... I am sending all my bags to you, please decorate and return!!! Great idea!!!


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