Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Enabler ALERT!!

OMG, OMG, OMG!!  I'm bouncing around like a kid in a candy store! Woo-hoo!
SmileyThis has got to be the most cleverest (is that a word?) invention EVAH!!  As you hens know, I LOVE to wrap presents but HATE (and I mean loathe) dealing with a glue gun.  Seems it drips EVERYWHERE and I always burn myself.  So I finally broke down and bought a NICE glue gun which doesn't drip (Yay!), but the problem of where to put it in between each reach, still remains.  Oh, and the little wire stand is useless, as the cord seems to always make it fall over.

Soooo, I Googled "glue gun stands" and was surprised to find that there really isn't a product for what I was looking for until I found TheBubbleBox at
Not only is this the BEST invention ever, it's TOO STINKIN CUTE!!!  
Ok, so I asked Vanessa (shop owner) if I could get a red stand with white polka dots so it would match my hen house.  And this is what she sent me!!  Acccccck!!  

Isn't it the CUTEST??  Here's how the stand works.  She even placed a ceramic tile under the side where the hot tip goes so it won't burn anything, and also can catch any drips if you have them.  So you can work away on your project and prop the gun in the stand as you work.  AMAZING right?

And would you look at my logo.  Isn't it adorable?  It looks just like my blog banner!! 

SOOOO CUTE!  She even sealed it so it wouldn't get messed up.  I'm in loooooove!
So, run (don't walk!) over to Vanessa's shop called TheBubbleBox at
You can click the links below for Vanessa's shop and my glue gun too.
Have a GREAT day!  I'm off to glue something......  Tee-hee!
{{{hen hugs}}}


  1. Oh you are SO right about that glue gun falling over and getting burned.... same goes for me too.
    Your's is SO, so Cute, and LOVE your logo sticker too. Looks Great.
    Love you New stand and have it bookmarked and on my wish list....
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Good Grief, YES you are an enabler. Always have been always will be.... ;)
    I love the glue stand and especially how she customized it for you. :)

  3. You're one crazy chick and I LUV U!!! *snort* Great idea! That's really T.H.E. perfect glue gun stand for you! Happy GLUE day to you!

  4. I love your new glue gun stand and it is perfect for you with your logo on it. I cannot tell you how much I admire you and the work and dedication you put into everything you do. I also know you will be a great Grandmother. YFMIL


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