Wednesday, July 1, 2015

EK Tools Bow Maker

Mornin' hens!  
Have you hens seen the EK Tools Bow Maker yet?  OMG!! You hens know how much I love to wrap, so this little gem was right up my alley.  But.....(and that's a BIG but!) I was NOT happy with the bow it makes using the instructions.  Actually, it was down right SAD!  So I added my own little finesse to it and now I LOVE it!  I thought you hens might be interested in how to do this yourself.  
If so, well here ya go....

Ok, so first off you need this little tool.  The bow here was made using the MEDIUM tool.  The finished bow is approximately 3.75" in diameter.   

The package directions state to use .50" x 72" strip of material, so I had assumed you needed one long strip of material.... (At this point, I was already anticipating returning it if I had to glue strips of paper together!  Uh, NO!).  But after watching a few YouTube videos (HERE) I soon figured out it was multiple short strips of paper - and they weren't glued together at all.  Yay!
Ok, so here's how I cut my paper.  

I've created a template below if you would like to download it for future use.

Ok, so I used an 8x8 sheet of double sided paper.  If you're using a 6x6 paper pad, you'll need two sheets. Or one half of a 12x12 sheet of paper.   Whichever size you use, you'll need the following:
 15 - half inch strips x 6 inches long
3 - half inch strips x 4 1/2 inches long
1 - half inch strips x 3 inches long  
To start, insert the brad that comes with the tool, in the center of the tool.  Start by piercing the first strip about a half inch from the end and then loop around and under the NUMBER 1 finger on the tool.  Secure the loop in place by piercing the strip onto the brad, keeping the loop taught on the finger.  Trim any excess length from the paper strip after the piercing.  I left about a half inch tail after the piercing.  Note: Each of the 15 strips of paper will make only one loop around one finger of the tool.  Now take another strip and do the same to the NUMBER 2 finger, and continue all the way around until all 5 fingers are completed.  Now do two more rounds so that each finger has 3 strips of paper on each one.  
Ok, now this is where their instructions stop, which is really weird, because it leaves a big 'ol hole in the center.  If you watch the YouTube video you'll see what I mean.  Anyway, go ahead and place the round double sided sticker from the kit on the bottom of the bow and separate the brad prongs to secure.  Now you can take the bow off the tool by gently bending the fingers downward and sliding the paper off.  Separate the three loops on each finger and twist the row of loops left or right so the loops are offset.  Place the bow on your work surface right side up so you can finish adding the remaining loops to the "empty" center.  You'll have four paper strips left at this point.  Take one of the 4 1/2" strips and bring both ends together making a manual loop, just like you were doing before but without the tool.  I poked a hole about a 1/2" to 1" from the ends and then pressed it down on top of the brad in the center of the bow.   (Note: The brads in the kit have prongs on the bottom and top)   Ok, now do the same for the other two 4 1/2" strips.  And last but not least, just roll the 3" strip into a small ring and pierce it directly in the center to cover the brad.  To finish, press all the layers together really well and separate the brad prongs to secure all four strips you just added.  And that's it!  It sounds more complicated then it really is.  I really love the look of a paper bow and I think it adds that personal touch to a beautifully wrapped gift.  My mind is going crazy with of all sorts of cute wrapping ideas for these little beauties, not to mention using up a ton of scrap paper. 
Woot-Woot! Okee-dokee, that's it for me today. I hope you hens have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! (((hen hugs)))



  1. Pretty bow, nice tips for success.

  2. Very pretty. Of course, you have to add your own finesse and a good job too.


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