Friday, July 3, 2015

Reminder Box

Mornin' hens!  
So you're thinking....  what's a "reminder box"?  Well, for those of us whose brain "ain't what it used to be", we need all the reminders we can get!  Am I right?  LOL!  
Ok, so I saw this idea a while back on Jennifer McGuire's blog HERE and thought, "Hey!  I need that!".  Yeah I know, I say that on everything she does, but this was a real game changer for me.  

Instead of recipe cards (Pffft! Who needs those!) the box holds reminder cards, which are separated by month.  Each reminder card has who I need to make a card for, what occasion, the mailing address, and once I've completed the card I strike through the year.  Brilliant right??    

Ok, so the acrylic box is just plain jane when you get it (bleh), and while Jennifer didn't decorate her box she did stamp the first card in the box with balloons and let it show through the front.  Pretty cool, but since mine is sitting right on my desk, I wanted it to coordinate with my room (i.e. "the coop") so I found these cute little chicks, barn and grass from the Silhouette on line store and cut them all out of vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo.  

For the inside, I chose coordinating colors of cardstock for the month dividers.  I die cut the top edge of each divider using the file tab die.  (Note: Each tab is cut 1/2" further to the right so they're staggered.)  Then I laminated each divider and added the month using my label maker.  

Since I wanted to use the box for all my card reminders (birthdays, anniversaries, and all those holidays that I seem to forget like Nurses Day, and Administrative Professional Day, etc.), I made my own reminder cards and used DATE and then I put OCCASION underneath.  That way the reminder card can be used for any occasion.  Once I've made the card for the occasion, I line through the year on the reminder card so I know I've completed it.  This has been so helpful for me.  Especially since I like to make cards in advance and now I can just flip to the next month and know which cards I need to start working on.  Click the link below for a FREE download of this template:

Okee dokee, that's it for me today.  I hope you hens have a FABULOUS Friday and a SUPER holiday weekend!
{{{hen hugs}}}



  1. WOW! Awesome project idea, Jeanie!! Even a good gift idea! Who doesn't need a "Reminder Box"?!! LOL!
    Thanks so much for sharing the card template!

  2. Ohhh I LOVE this idea. I have mine written on a calendar. Usually do not see it with EVEYTHING else written there. I am so going to use your template and make a box. Thank You.

  3. I love your adorable box. This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Jeanie! I haven't stopped to see you in FOREVER! LOVE this reminder card idea... I need to do this! Thanks for the great inspiration!


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