Monday, March 26, 2012

Save the Date!

Mornin' hens!! Wow, it's been awhile since you've heard that, huh? I'm so sorry. I guess you could say, I FLEW THE COOP! *snort* The DH and I took a little mini vacation and had a wonderful time. We rode the Harley all around Central Florida near the Ocala area, it's so pretty there with all the hills! Oh and you'll never believe this, but on one of our little adventures, we found the My Favorite Things stamp boutique! Not only that, but I met Kim van der Sanden and her whole family too! They were so nice to us. And before you ask, YUP, I came home with a whole bunch of new stamps! Good thing they don't take up much room because those saddlebags aren't that big, ya know! Hmmmmph! It was great to get away, but since our return home, I've been PREOCCUPIED with these little jewels....

Now, they may not seem like that big of a deal, but after you've made 50 of these puppies you'll be seein' flowers in your sleep!! Seriously!! Lil' Chick's wedding colors are mocha, peach and cream. She asked that I incorporate Kraft CS into her "Save the Dates" and invitations too. Ahhhhhh! You can bet that makes Momma Chick super happy! Tee-hee! Me loveeeee Kraft!! Hey, do you think Lil' Chick was butterin' me up so I'd do these? Uh-huh, I think so too! (I told you she was smart!) Ok, so I saw this design over at Silke's blog HERE and I just switched up the orientation and colors a bit to fit with the wedding colors. I printed the words Save the Date on the card stock first, and then using my Stamp-a-ma-jig, stamped the image over top. Then using the die that matches this SU stamp set, I cut each image out. The background is done with an SU embossing folder. Inside each card is a business card magnet made with Kraft card stock as well. They turned out really cute but I must say, I'm so glad they're finished and I can get back to my normal crafting!! Sorry, but mass production just isn't much fun, even if it is for Lil' Chick!!

Wedding news update: Lil' Chick found a dress!! OMG!! It's the most stunning dress EVER!! And the best part is, she LOVED it so much, she didn't want to take it off in the boutique!! *snort* We had so much fun that day! I bet she tried on 25 dresses and I think the girl helping her was having just as much fun as she was, because Lil' Chick was so open minded about the whole process! She didn't have any preconceived ideas and was willing to try anything! It was a BLAST!

Well, that's all from the hen house today, but be sure to check back in tomorrow because I have some SUPER excited news to share with you! Until then.... {{{hen hugs}}}

Stamps - SU Apothecary Art; Dies - SU Framelits Labels; CS - SU Kraft; Copics; Embossing Folder - SU; Ribbon - SU Chocolate Chip Satin


  1. Lil chick is old enought to marry??
    It's great that she would want to incorporate Kraft CS. I bet she is most pleased with what you came up with. Gorgeous STD.

  2. Stunning! You are one good mama chick to make all that for her. (I know, we'd do anything for our kids but like you said, mass production loses it's appeal quickly!)

  3. It is gorgeous. I love it. I know what you mean about the mass production though. I am sure "Lil Chick" appreciates all you do for her.
    I have been wondering about the MFT Boutique. I would love to go there.

  4. These are perfect. Now will you also be making the invitations! A real work of love. So glad a dress was found with out stress :) Hugs...

  5. Love them! very pretty :0) I'm sure she is glad to check dress off the list :) Have fun!

  6. You're back.....thought I'd gone deaf, for a while...haaaa!
    Your chick has good taste....those colours are gorgeous, and you've done her proud with the beautiful cards..yummy!
    I had one daughter who chose the first dress she saw, one who took 4 months and 6 cities before she found the right one, and one who didn't like ANYTHING, so made her own....haaaahaaaa!

  7. You save the date cards are drop dead beautiful! And I can't wait to see THE DRESS! Glad you had fun on you trip. Sounds like a grand ole time

  8. Glad to know you had a wonderful time and you returned safely. Love the save-the-day cards, it obvious that extra special TLC went into creating them!

  9. You were riding around on your Harley in my neck of the woods! Remember seeing a red corvette? lol. I knew about the MFT Boutique but haven't gotten there...need to go, huh? Or maybe my wallet should stay home?! Lil Chic's cards are lovely, but not sure I could do it...hate mass production with a passion! Will be looking forward to tons and tons of Lil Chic wedding type pictures.

  10. You couldn't have designed this more beautifully. I sure hope Little Chick knows what a very special and talented Momma Hen she has. Glad your hen party at the dress shop was a fun one. Hugs! :-)

  11. these are gorgeous! You deserve to be a proud chick!!! Especially for raising a daughter with such great taste to want Kraft on the wedding stuff! She sure picked a gorgeous color combo, too! Good luck to you!

  12. I love these, they are just perfect!


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