Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jaxon is HERE!!

Mornin' hens!!  I'd like you to meet my grandson Jaxon!! 
OMG, I'm on cloud nine!  Smiley  Isn't he GORGEOUS!! 
Jaxon weighed 10lbs 10oz... and was 22 3/4" long.  
Yup, skip that newborn stuff, he's already wearing 3 month clothes!!  LOL!    

And just look at those cheeks!!  I could smooch them all day long!!

This is the photo of him in his "going home" outfit that Grandmommy Jeanie had made for him.

I just had to snap this one of him blowing bubbles... tee-hee

He loves looking at himself.  Me too!!  LOL!

OMG, look at that face...  Mwah!!

Lil' Chick received these onesies as a shower gift.  
There's one for each month, through a year old...  Cool huh?

Oh and I had to show you this one of Jaxon puckering up for Grandmommy and wearing the onesie I made him.  Awwww....
Lil' Chick and Daddy are doing GREAT!  They are AWESOME parents and dote on him 24/7!  I'm so proud of them.  What a wonderful family they are.  God has truly blessed me, my cup runneth over!
Okee dokee, that's it for me today.  Just wanted to share the wonderful news with you.
{{{hen hugs}}}  


  1. He is just too cute and adorable!!! I still cannot believe how big he is. Congrats my friendy. So happy for you.

  2. YIPEE ~ So happy for you. Being a Grandparent is so much fun. HE is PERFECT. Both of my sons and grandsons skipped the newborn clothes, too! ;) Congrats to everyone and big smooches to Darling Baby Jaxson. Hugs.... Carol Dee

  3. Oh my, he's truly adorable. I can't believe he's nearly 11 pounds. I can't even imagine that. I can see how much you are delighted with your new addition. I agree, God truly blessed you with a wonderful gift. I enjoyed looking at all the pics. Hugs!

    JO ANN

  4. Oh those cheeks are so precious. He's perfect. Congratulations Grandma!

  5. Very happy for you all. What a cutie pie!! Congrats.

  6. Congratulations, Grandma! He is a BEAUTIFUL boy! Love those sweet cheeks! You are going to have so much fun spoiling that little guy. ❤️🍼

  7. Congratulations! Enjoy every minute as they grow so quick! He is absolutely adorable! Love the chubby little legs!

  8. So precious!! Congratulations to the entire family!

  9. What a big boy!! He's adorable. Congratulations to all!

  10. 10 lbs., 10 oz, WOW! That's one big blessing!! Jaxon is precious and quite a handsome fellow!! Congratulations!

  11. He is so handsome. Love all the photos. Thanks for sharing them.
    Love the outfit you made - great job grandma!!!

  12. Congratulations Jeanie...Jaxon is gorgeous. Being a grandma is amazing :-D Hope Lil' Chick is ok after the delivery...10 lbs 10 oz makes my eyes water! Thank you for your comment about my mom xxx ps I'm going to be a grandma again BEFORE Coen is 2 :-O


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